NEW RELEASE - AUDIOBOARD 1.1 from 20Buttons Inc. The powerful successor to SoundSlate for the iPad.



SoundSlate™ for the iPad

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SoundSlate™ lets you create sound boards with buttons you can load with sound from the default list of sounds, your iPod Library, and iTunes file sharing. You can also record your own sounds from the app or use SoundSlater™ for the iPhone as a field sound collector and transfer the sounds to SoundSlate's sound list. SoundSlate uses a combination of finger taps for flexible control, and allows simultaneous playback of most sound types. Used by DJ's, magicians, musicians, tour guides, and in assisting special needs children. You can also add an image from your Photo Gallery as the button face. App Store Link

See SoundSlate in action videos:

SoundSlate Video Demo by spinthought
SoundSlate DJ Video Demo by johnnyb321321

Get Free Alarm SoundPack! 15 new high quality alarm sounds for your SoundSlate sound list.


StopWatches™ for the iPad

StopWatches™ is the perfect app for coaches, lab personnel, photographers, gamers, or anyone who wants many pages of individual stopwatches that they can start at once or separately. Lap and Split buttons record times in an instant access list popover that can be exported to CSV or PDF format via an email. You can add notes to each page and each stopwatch with instant access for reference. The stopwatches can be saved in a convenient popover to be used over again for teams and sporting events.

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TimeSpinners™ for the iPad

TimeSpinners is the perfect app for cooks, parents, board gamers, or anyone who needs to set a number of countdown timers to keep track of whatever activity they choose. It's perfect in the kitchen for keeping track of dishes and recipes, all easily accessible in TimeSpinner's browser integrated user interface. Now supports iOS 4.2 multi-tasking!

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StoryPagesHD™ for the iPad

StoryPagesHD™ is the iPad version of our StoryPages iPhone app. StoryPagesHD was built from the ground up for the iPad! The larger screen of the iPad makes it perfect for anyone that wants to create illustrated stories, storyboards, ad campaigns, or guides of any kind and deliver them quickly and easily. StoryPagesHD lets you create storyboard style pages with your drawing in a top panel and typed text in a bottom panel like a storyboard used during movie production. In StoryPagesHD you can add drawing-only and text-only pages to truly create an illustrated book!

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SoundSlate Main Screen

AudioBoard 1.1

AudioBoard! SoundSlate's Successor is here!! Go to the AudioBoard website

- Built for fast playback and board display
- Tap to play and pause, two finger tap to reset
- Bluetooth based iPad remote control support
- Simultaneous or solo playback of tracks
- Drag arrange boards and buttons
- Track time, countdown/up, length, and name shown on nav bar.

- Board commands: stop, pause/play, fade, crossfade, piano mode, volume
- Audio boards are contained in “sets” for organization and distribution
- Exceptional core audio construction and flat interface design
- Extensible with Dropbox, Email, and iTunes® File sharing support
- Runs in portrait and landscape on the iPad® and iPad Mini®
- Large playback buttons and global command bar for easy control
- Popover menus on board sets, boards, command bars, and buttons
- In-app accessible app brightness control for any lighting condition
- Plays all standard audio formats including MP3, AIF, WAV, MP4
- Time delay, looping, start/end point override, encore point (reset override)
- Notes per board and button with teleprompt mode for button notes
- App settings play on reset, hide button controls, track count up or down.
- Lock board feature so sounds don’t play when carrying iPad.
- Integrated help with feedback via social sites or User Echo™ panel.

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BigAlarm™ for the iPhone (New!)

BigAlarm™ is our answer to the slew of overly-complicated alarm clock apps available. It has large, easy to read numbers for the time and timer displays, a huge slide switch to activate and deactivate the alarm, and an intuitive tap interface. It is designed for the groggy, don't want to wake up now person who doesn't want to work to shut off an alarm or see the current time. It dims automatically, uses a large snooze indicator, and even lets you access the iPhone 4+'s flash for a trip to the bathroom without disturbing your partner. Add a gradual awake feature and many alarm sound choices and you have the best alarm clock for the iPhone in the app store.App Store Link



SoundEver™ for the iPhone

Works with: Evernote Logo

SoundEver™ is the fastest and safest way to record audio notes into your Evernote® account. Setup SoundEver to record immediately on launch or shake to start and stop recording and you don't even have to look at your iPhone in the car! Featured in the Evernote Trunk mobile section! Now in Japan!App Store Link



StoryPages™ for the iPhone

StoryPages™ is the iPhone (and iPad app) for anyone that wants to create illustrated stories or guides of any kind and deliver them quickly and easily. StoryPages lets you create storyboard style pages with your drawing in a top panel and typed text in a bottom panel like a storyboard used during movie production. Draw in fullscreen (landscape or portrait) and optionally add a background to set the scene or use as a tracing template with transparency control. App Store Link


BigTimer™ for the iPhone

BigTimer is a count-down and count-up timer for people who want BIG numbers on their timer. Vision problems? BigTimer lets you set the time and background colors to make it easy to read for anyone who is sight or color-challenged. BigTimer is flexible and lets you set the time format from just hours to just seconds and all formats inbetween. For those boomers on the road to reading glasses, BigTimer is a great app!

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SoundSlater™ for the iPhone

SoundSlater for the iPhone is the companion app to SoundSlate™ for the iPad as it lets you use your iPhone to collect sounds sync with your sound list in SoundSlate. It's easy to use interface makes it simple to record any sounds you need for SoundSlate, and then uses iTunes File Sharing to let you quickly populate the SoundSlate sound list with the sounds you recorded on the iPhone with SoundSlater. Assign the sounds to the buttons on your sound board pages and you are ready to play!

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QuizBuzzer™ for the iPhone

QuizBuzzer is a great app to use while doing homework with your kids. When your child gets the right answer to a homework question, you tap QuizBuzzer's large thumbs-up button to hear the familiar "ding" bell sound used in a game show to signify a correct answer. But if they get a wrong answer, you tap the large thumbs-down button and the familiar game show alarm buzzer lets them know it! Read the review at

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